LEVEL HEADED - a mobile sculpture

Sculpture Mobiles - Level Headed
kinetic sculpture - Level Headed

"At a glance, it is an array of 16 freely suspended beams. Look closely. You'll see a masterpiece of visual reality and physical illusion.

As fine art, Level Headed is many sculptures in one - some two dimensional, some three dimensional. Simple lines, polished surfaces and painted impression command attention as movement brings it to life.

As precision engineering, Level Headed captures the freedom of art and disciplines it with science. It's a finely-tuned machine, the moving parts constantly reshaping the whole. Suspended from a single cable, Level Headed revolves. The beams swing freely as well.

Yet, precision balance ensures the beams resume a level, horizontal position. Thus its name - Level Headed.

Level Headed - A working art of stylish engineering. It's a mobile sculpture with many faces. It's a reflection of your mind's eye.
See all that it is ... All that it can be! "

Length: 9ft approximately
Height: 40 inches (excluding suspension cable)
Width: 23 inches

'Bringing life to art through engineering ... '