Ian Lane - Kinetic Sculpture Collection

Interior Design featuring Architectural, Kinetic Sculpture.

Spectacular Interior Design Themes for Large Spaces

kinetic sculpture - Level Headed
  • Hotels, Inns, Resorts
  • Country Clubs
  • Executive Suites
  • Public Spaces, Atriums
  • Your Imagination & Creativity!

Precision, delicate asymmetrical balance Visual reality, Physical illusion.
Elegant simplicity belies its sophistication.

Kinetic sculpture, mobiles that evoke a lighter moment, a moment of joy.

For many, the question How it is so?


His professional skills stem from his fascination for the machine; the creation of kinetic entities from individual, static pieces.

His artistic diversity encompasses suspended and free standing performance works - for indoors and outdoors locations.

The scope of his work and abilities are best described as precision, engineered design, high quality execution, delicate balance, symmetry and asymmetry.

The sculptor is engineer, artist specializing in engineered kinetic art.


'Bringing life to art through engineering ... '