COUNTERPOISE - a mobile sculpture


Courtesy Mr Steve Mollett - a lawyer!
A new look at the traditional symbol of Justice; the two frames of reference, one representing the Law, the other the rights of the individual - both equal!

The obelisk stands for the internal strength of Truth which is crucial in determining what Justice is.

The two frames of reference are linked together at a point as the rights of the people and the Law are intrinsically linked together and emphasis how the fabric of a society is held together. They are in balance, each by itself, and each with each other, always returning to a level very much like the traditional symbol of Justice.

They are both equal to each other.

That they are square, gives representation of a fundamental and understandable concept - the cornerstone of an ideal ... solid as a rock - like Justice.


Both frames of reference turn together about the obelisk to giving ever new perspectives. The clean sharp edges lead directly from point to point on each square symbolizing logic and a system of laws and procedures.

Each frame is suspended from a single point, one balancing the other. They will float in the air currents of a lobby or atrium. Option to motorize to turn slowly, or intermittently to stir it up.

Central column - options: painted, coated, marble clad

Overall Height - say 12 to 15 feet.
Overall Width - around 9 feet.

'Bringing life to art through engineering ... '