Sculpture Mobiles - Windows On The World
kinetic sculpture - Windows On The World

Windows On The World is a rugged, outdoor sculpture designed to interact with the environment. It is a scaleable concept, standing up to 27 feet above the ground. The box-like frame balances on one corner on top of the column.

It is not static - it moves. It swings from side to side in all directions, through a wide angle and fully rotates, displaying an ever changing array of colors and physical shapes.

A barometer of the elements, at times tranquil, at others, swinging gracefully, lazily in the breeze. Sometimes disturbed, vigorously agitated by the prevailing winds.

It amuses. It is a fun event, appealing to all ages.

It impresses. It intrigues, challenges, educates.

It is powerful yet it is disciplined. It is silent.

'Bringing life to art through engineering ... '